Professor, IRIT (UMR CNRS 5505)
and ENSEEIHT Applied Math. & Comp. Science Dept.

In the Parallel Algorithms and Optimization team. The focus of our research is optimization and optimal control of systems governed by ordinary differential equations. Our interests range from the mathematical analysis of such problems to the numerical computation of their solutions. Among techniques used, homotopy methods can be mentioned. Application areas of the group include Celestial Mechanics (work with the French Space Agency).
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ENSEEIHT Applied Math. & Comp. Science Dept.

Habilitation in Applied Mathematics (Université de Toulouse, 2008).
Ph.d. in Applied Mathematics (Université de Toulouse, 1989).
M.S. in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science Engineering (Université de Toulouse, INP-ENSEEIHT, 1983).
Member of the French Societies of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (SMF, SMAI), and of the European Mathematical Society (EMS).

Université de Toulouse, INP-ENSEEIHT-IRIT (UMR CNRS 5505)
2 rue Camichel, F-31071 Toulouse
Phone: +33 5 34 32 20 90
Fax: +33 5 5 34 32 21 57
Office: F-113

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